Avignon Airport

Classic People Carriers

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Minivans, MPVs and people carriers can all be hired at most airports these days and are an excellent way of keeping big travelling parties together as they tour around. When you're hiring a people carrier, you need to think about the number of people in your party and amount of luggage they will be carrying. If you are on a tape budget you will want to rent a diesel more...

Avignon Airport

People Carrier Hire Avignon Airport

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Involved in a larger sized number arriving at Avignon airport ? An ideal solution for transport may well be a  people carrier hire , and rates start from around £25 per day. A luxury Avignon airport people carrier hire  is the best means to get a good sized family and all their gear about. Avignon airport people carrier hire  is also ideal for those on golf vacations more...

Avignon Airport


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